Dressed for advent.

We have decorated our store at Fåberg for Advent, this wonderful pre-Christmas time where we light candles, lit the fireplace and wait for the Holiday Season.


The traditional color for this season is purple, and MENTs version is decorating with our design in the colors aubergine, sot, caramel, dusty purple and light pink and mix it with pinecones, moss and dry twigs.

We painted our walls with Jotuns LADY Pure Color 20142 Daydream and 10249 SOBER, and made new table settings and displays with our design.

We love to make inspiring table settings and often use decorative materials from our garden and the forest near by, and this season is perfect for that!

Our porcelain combined with the sand bowl from the Under collection is a great contrast to the  Cutipol cutlery in grey and gold. And as you can see, the sunlight is still visiting us, but the days are getting darker and colder, and soon the snow will arrive (we hope)!

Decorate with pinecones, dry twigs and moss!


Visit us on Fridays 10-17 and Saturdays 10-15


Want to read more about our store at Fåberg and how to get there? Then you can read this article.


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