Sustainable Friday.

We must admit; we are horrified by concepts such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Days dedicated to mass production, encouraging overspending and hysteria, and very far from the values of MENT.

To take a stand and provide an alternative to this madness we want to invite you to:

Sustainable Friday.

The 29th of November we celebrate sustainable consumption with focus on quality and longevity, we will provide guided tours of our production all day and tell you about our design process.

There will be no special offers, but we are excited to tell you about our work with establishing production in Norway, our design and our handcraft.

We have also invited Ingeborg Semb from the local, but well known brand, Biri Tapet. She will join us all weekend to showcase her products and tell about her amazing wallpaper. This wallpaper is produced at Biri, Norway and made by straws harvested from the fields outside her factory walls.

Biri Tapet is used in both private homes and public spaces. It is timeless and fits into everything from classic to modern interiors, and it is definitely MENT for MENT!

We hope to see you this weekend, and as a matter of fact, this is the first weekend of Advent, and that means we are open this Sunday 12 – 15 too.



Want to read more about our store at Fåberg and how to get there? Then you can read this article.


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