Made by hand

All our products is designed and developed at our workshop at Fåberg. Most designs are shaped by hand in plaster until the perfect form is made which gives us the mother mold. This mother mold is the starting point for creating the casting molds to make all items in ceramic and porcelain.

We develop all our own unique color recipes.

A plaster mold last for making approximately 80 items before it is worn out. This means that much of the production is not just about producing the product itself, but also goes into creating the cast molds.

In our production at Fåberg we have specialized in color tinted porcelain. This means that we blend the color pigments into the liquid porcelain at slip stage to provide color depth. We develop all our own unique color recipes.

All casted products with a specific color may vary in shades of this color as only a grain of pigment more or less mixed in the porcelain will represent a small shade of difference. You will notice different nuances in the color and even marbelling in our products. This reflects the many human touches received during the making process, and gives our products a hand made look that can not be replicated in mass produced products.

A lot of hand work goes in to making each product – all edges and surfaces are shaped by hand after casting, and they are glazed with non-toxic, transparent glaze. The products are burned twice in the ceramic furnace, first the raw firing and then after being glazed by hand, a round two at 1260 degrees.

The last process is sanding of the unglazed parts of the product with abrasive paper to get that silky smooth surface.

Get a glimpse into our production process by watching this short film:

All our porcelain is oven, microwave, dishwasher and food safe—making it ideal for domestic and commercial use at the table and in the kitchen.

Our collections also contains of objects made in ceramics and porcelain produced by carefully selected manufacturers in Portugal. These items are also handmade, and we are grateful to collaborate with skilled and experienced partners that gives us the opportunity to gain knowledge to develop our own production further on.

Do you want to visit us at Fåberg and learn more about the process of making our design?