MENT designs tableware for Under.

Semi-submerged beneath the icy waters of the North Atlantic in Lindesnes, guests are invited to dine five and a half meters below the surface – the panoramic view of the ocean floor providing the dramatic backdrop. Here guests are given an opportunity to take in the otherwise rarely seen marine ecosystem.

In harmony with Snøhetta architectural & design company and other experienced local partners, Under have created an iconic structure complete with an immersed gourmet restaurant.


MENT for Under

No restaurants are as close to nature as the underwater restaurant Under in Lindesnes. This was the main inspirator and material source for MENTs design and production of the restaurant’s tableware.

When Unders Head chef Nicoalai Ellitsgaard engaged Ment to design the tableware for his 18-course menu, the sisters Sidsel Forr Hemma and Ingvild Hemma decided to think completely new. In the process for the final design, Ment explored several materials and solutions.

At Fåberg we have developed this new tablewear. Inspired by the nature and sea surrounding Under.

In research collaboration with SINTEF, Ment developed a brand new material – magnetite porcelain. Magnetite is a “Norwegian” mineral that was formed a billion years ago at the bottom of the sea. The iron ore and the minerals, among other things, create a multitude of color shades in combinations that cannot be pre-defined. The natural magnetite mixed in the porcelain gives stunning natural color blends, and results in unique products.

– We say that Ment creates, but nature decides, says Sidsel Forr Hemma.

To emphasize the proximity to Lindesnes and to create a distinctive mark on some of the products, sand from the beach outside the restaurant were used to gain the look and feel of the rough coastal area.

The objects emphasizes both Unders unique restaurant concept and Snøheta’s innovative architecture. Ment started the design project in June 2018, and it has been a demanding and inspiring process. The parts consist not only of the magnetite porcelain, but the objects combine several materials, including wood, stoneware and clay. The collection also includes elements of Ments signature products and designs. The design include plates, bowls, dishes, toothpick holder, coffee and tea cups, milk jug, sugar bowl and water jug.


“We say that MENT creates and nature decides”

More then 700 products have been produced for the restaurant by MENT, handcrafted at Fåberg, and the furnaces in the old ski factory have gone round-the-clock to be ready for the opening of Under in April 2019. It is great interest in MENTs Collection for Under, especially internationally. Many design editions have highlighted the exclusive, unique, Norwegian design in which nature has become so clearly made.

Ment also sees the Under Products as a confirmation of their sustainability philosophy; unique products created with and from natural materials – which will delight generations.

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