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Since 2012, the sisters Sidsel and Ingvild Hemma have designed and developed products in what once was Norway’s oldest ski factory at Fåberg, a small village close to the olympic city Lillehammer.
From their design workshop they have a beautiful view of the river Lågen, and with the wild nature so close at hand, much of the inspiration for shapes and colors is sourced from the surrounding area.

All products are developed in their design workshop at Fåberg, or “Born in Faberg” as they call it. Parts of the production takes place in south of Europe, but all color tinted porcelain is produced at Fåberg, and their unique quality has gained a huge fan base both in Norway and around the world. In May 2014 they participated with curated products at New York Design Week, and in autumn same year they were one of five nominees for that year’s “Entrepreneurial Woman” prize in Norway.

If you are interested in being a MENT retailer, please contact us by e-mail at post@ment.no


E-mail: post@ment.no
Visiting address: Elvefaret 16, 2625 Fåberg, NORGE
Ingvild: ingvild@ment.no +47 95 23 60 12
Sidsel: sidsel@ment.no +47 41 51 18 29