Ment is made in Fåberg, Norway

The sisters Ingvild and Sidsel created their design workshop in an old ski factory at Fåberg in 2012. With the desire to design and produce future heirlooms, they focus on craftsmanship and unique design with a personal touch.

Unique and local

All our products are born at Fåberg. In our workshop we develop our designs and produce colour tinted porcelain. This means the colour is tinted through the material, which provides a unique colour depth.

Our wood products are also produced in Norway, and some of our designs are produced in Portugal. All our products are hand-made, and there will therefore be minor dissimilarities in our product’s colour and size. This underlines the uniqueness that we love in our products.

At Fåberg we develop all our design and our products in color tinted porcelain are produced here.

We mix our color pigments into the liquid porcelain before we mould them into casts. You may notice different nuances in the colour and even marbelling in our products. This reflects the many human touches received during the making process, and gives our products a hand made look that can not be replicated in mass produced products.

All of our products are led-free and our porcelain is dishwasher safe.

«We create modern design in a color range inspired by the nature surrounding us. Handmade objects we hope you will appreciate and preserve in a jungle of mass production.»

The team

Since its startup in 2012, MENT has grown and we are proud to have created jobs in our production and expanded our sales department.

The MENT team, from left: Marie, Mahnsuh, Lu Min, Tony, Ingvild and Sidsel. Simen was not present when this picture was taken.



In nature we find our inspiration. To us, green is not just one colour. It can be many. Just outside our window lies a field of nuances, ripe for harvesting – and we want to share this with you.

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