About Ment


MENT is owned and founded by two talented sisters, Ingvild and Sidsel Forr Hemma. Both have worked in the industry for many years, Ingvild as a interior stylist, and Sidsel as a product designer.

The idea of MENT came when they both realized they wanted to create products with meaning, and not contribute to the increasing consumerism. One of their goals is to educate the public about the quality of hand made products, and the craftsmanship and knowledge that goes into making them.

Since 2012 the sisters have designed and created interior objects, porcelain and ceramics in their studio, that once was the worlds oldest ski manufacturer, in Fåberg, Lillehammer, Norway. Their style is an eclectic mix of Norwegian heritage redesign, and sleek, minimalistic works of art.

All of MENT’s products are made of the finest quality porcelain and ceramics with a unique color depth. To service their increasing supply and demand, MENT has carefully chosen partners based in Europe that makes their products.

MENT ships all over the world and please don’t hesitate to contact MENT at post@ment.no. for more information. You can also find MENT at Instagram and Facebook.

Please also refer to our product catalogue for 2015.